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Evening with the Experts [2 video set]

Available only on VHS

Bellissimo Media Productions

An Evening with the Experts includes interviews with the specialty coffee industry's most highly respected professionals and explores in detail factors related to green coffee production, roasting and blending, beverage preparation, and the future of the specialty coffee industry.

  • Dr. Ernesto Illy: President of illycafé s.p.a. Dr. Illy is considered the world's most renowned authority on the subject of espresso and espresso preparation.
  • Mauro Cipolla: President of Caffe D'arte Coffee. Mr. Cipolla is regarded by many as one of the premier roasters and blenders of award-winning espresso coffees in America.
  • Kenneth Davids: Renowned coffee industry author and lecturer. His influential coffee reviews appear regularly in a variety of publications, including the prize-winning web site
  • Ted Lingle: Executive Director and one of the original founders of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Mr. Lingle's knowledge of the green bean and its production are unparalleled in the industry.
  • Don Holly: Corporate Quality Control Manager, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: His experience provides valuable insight into the coffee industry.

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Evening with the Experts [2 video set]
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