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Espresso 501

Bellissimo Media Productions

This 75-minute video is an advanced course in coffee and espresso for the specialty coffee industry professional. The perfect companion piece to the award-winning video, Espresso 101, Espresso 501 provides a detailed understanding of the variables essential to create a superior espresso beverage experience.

Respected industry professionals share their knowledge and opinions concerning:

  • Important factors related to espresso equipment performance
  • Attributes of excellent espresso coffees
  • Understanding the chemistry and nuances of proper espresso preparation
  • Beverage presentation
  • Principles of superior customer service

Espresso 501 features the following coffee-industry professionals:
Dr. Ernesto Illy, Mauro Cipolla, Kenneth Davids, Peter Kelsch, Vic Bilias, Russ Myers, Michael Girgis, Skipp McNutt and Tim McCormick

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Espresso 501
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