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NEW! Training with the Champions

Techniques of the World's Best Baristas

Bellissimo Media Productions

After over a year of filming, Bellissimo has brought together in one DVD some of the best baristas in not only the United States, but in the world. In this approximately 45-minute training and educational DVD, each barista shares his or her techniques and philosophy of coffee and espresso, as well as what it takes to be a champion.

This training DVD is the first in which regional, national and world barista champions share their passion one-on-one with the coffee world. Featured are 2006 World Barista Champion (WBC) Klaus Thomsen and three former United States Barista Champions (USBC): Matt Riddle, Bronwen Serna and Phuong Tran. Northwest USBC champions Kyle Larson and Billy Wilson are also included, along with Cup of Excellence judge Stephen Vick, who is featured in a special cupping section. Making appearances are long-time barista competition judges Sarah Allen, editor of Barista Magazine, and Brent Fortune, owner of Crema Bakery and Café of Portland, Oregon.

Topics covered include:

  • Passion and Dedication
  • Advanced Preparation Techniques: Grinding, Tamping, Dosing, Distribution, Tips and Techniques
  • Latte Art: Advanced Espresso Extraction and Milk Steaming
  • Barista Competitions and the Global Barista Community
  • Consumer Education, Social Issues and Sustainability
  • Coffee Cupping in Your Coffee Bar

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NEW! Training with the Champions
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